About Us
FLASH90, Israel’s leading photojournalism agency, was founded in 1990 by Nati Shohat.

With a daily updated website, FLASH90 features more 100 000 archive photos covering news, politics, religion and culture from the entire region of Israel and the Palestinian Territories - available on www.flash90.com.

FLASH90 employs staff photographers and works with numerous freelance photographers all over Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Many of Israeli leading newspapers and websites count among FLASH90 photo agency’s clients in Israel. Internationally, FLASH90 works have been published in periodicals such as Stern, Le Monde, The Independent, The Sunday Times, Corriere della Sera, Der Spiegel, Le Point, and more. Over 100 professional and international clients use the services offered by the agency. Today, the agency cooperates with leading photo agencies worldwide.
Over the years, FLASH90 has built its reputation thanks to its level of service and the quick response to clients’ requests. It’s the FLASH90 professionalism that clients appreciate, whether they are newspapers, magazines, institutions or publishing companies who approach the agency for specific assignments worldwide.

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Flash 90
14 Hillel Street
Jerusalem, Israel 94581
Office Phone: 00 972-2-623-1769
Email: editor@flash90.com  
Nati Shohat: 00 972-(0)505-290-953